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The Voice in My Head

We all have a voice in our head that talks to us continually. I named mine Benny a few years ago. (Don’t ask me why) He’s always there. He talks way too much. He’s one of those people that waits to talk instead of listening to you first. Sometimes I wish I could fire his ass and get a new one but I’m stuck with him. It’s Me, Benny and then you have the world. He’s like my mother, he’s always right. He warns me every time I’m about to do something stupid. When I don’t listen I pay the…

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One Man’s Perspective on The Beauty of a Woman!

You might ask “who made you the authority on beauty there Paul”? My answer, “GOD did” because I’m a Man and the title reads “one man’s perspective”. Have you ever met a strikingly beautiful woman and upon spending time with her your mind has converted her from a Goddess to Butt-Ugly? She didn’t take her Beauty Pill now did she? How about just the opposite? How about upon that first inspection, (something that we all do) a woman is just not very attractive and emerges as a Hot Beauty? The most beautiful girl in school in my opinion was a…

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