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A Classic Case of Mistaken Identity

I saw Timmy, one of my good friends from high school at the grocery store recently. He was on the canned vegetable Isle and was holding a can of green beans looking intently at them like they were about to do something. He didn’t see me so I snuck up behind him and I goosed him right between the Butt Cheeks. I had no idea that I would startle him so intently. He immediately jumped a couple of feet high and hollered like a woman. It scared him so bad that he literally climbed up the shelves knocking canned corn…

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Staying Young!

How can we continue to #feel young? “Man we’re getting old” Do ever here that from your friends or family? I hear it a lot. My usual response is “I’ll be old when I’m dead” or “You might be but I’m not” or “Dude….. Never admit it” I don’t really look much (or any) younger for my age but it always makes me feel better about myself when I see someone who I went to school with that looks like somebody put em In a dehydrated state for a year or two. A friend told me the other day that…

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