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Are You A True Entrepreneur? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself!

Entrepreneur is a French word coined by the economist Jean-Baptiste Say, and is translated as meaning “adventurer.” An entrepreneur will risk everything on one idea. They are usually fully vested and all-in. An entrepreneur will sell the house to advance the objection with no problem. Most people would not do that. It’s the way of life for an entrepreneur. Starting a business doesn’t make you an entrepreneur – it makes you a business owner. If you’re a business owner, it takes balls to start a business venture when you’re 25, it takes uber-balls to do it when you’re 45. To an…

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Good Character Is Overrated!

Being an entrepreneur and having as many as 80 employees at one time, you learn a lot about people, that’s if you’re lucky enough to go through a major recession like the most recent one in 2008. When the economy was booming and everything was going great, my company was breaking every sales record imaginable. Even then I would fire someone for what I considered bad character. People who would lie to my customers. People who would gossip and disrupt the culture of the company. For that matter I would take offense to most any kind of negativity, not thinking…

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