Are You A True Entrepreneur? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself!

Entrepreneur is a French word coined by the economist Jean-Baptiste Say, and is translated as meaning “adventurer.”

An entrepreneur will risk everything on one idea. They are usually fully vested and all-in.

An entrepreneur will sell the house to advance the objection with no problem. Most people would not do that. It’s the way of life for an entrepreneur.

Starting a business doesn’t make you an entrepreneur – it makes you a business owner.

If you’re a business owner, it takes balls to start a business venture when you’re 25, it takes uber-balls to do it when you’re 45.

To an entrepreneur, age or situation is irrelevant in the thought process of starting a business.

I grew-up poor. I’ve been a millionaire, I’ve been broke many times, and I have fell somewhere in between. It’s all the same…..

My biggest asset is the way I live my life.

Are most entrepreneurs born? ……….I think they are.

Can you learn to be an entrepreneur? Good question…. I believe you can change your mindset and become one, but it’s rare.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have networked with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs alike over the years.

For a few years I had business owners from all over the country visit my business for operations training.

I developed an operating system to manage my company and eventually would have over 60 companies paying me monthly to use it.

All of this allowed me valuable insight on understanding the difference in personalities of business owners and entrepreneurs.

I have put this list of questions together for individuals in business to evaluate the question…. Am I an entrepreneur?

1) Are you obsessed with success?

Does it dominate your mind?

Do you get worked up and can’t sleep because of your obsession?

Do you talk about it all the time?

Entrepreneurs don’t breathe without thinking about their dreams or their current project.

2) Will you risk EVERYTHING?

An entrepreneur doesn’t think twice about the monetary things that are on the line when starting a business venture. It’s part of the price that’s needed in order move forward.

An entrepreneur has the confidence of knowing that if they lost everything they own, it wouldn’t take long to get it back. Chances are, it has happened before.

3) Is the experience greater than the rewards?

Money is only part of what drives the passion for an entrepreneur.

Their net-worth is not their self-worth. It’s about living the life.

4) Are you passionate beyond the norm?

An entrepreneur values and understands that passion is a must when it comes to success as well as the key component to experiencing the entrepreneurial life.

Passion fuels resilience and provides the ambition to learn and to strive to become more competent. It maintains razor-sharp focus.

5) Do you spend most of your free time learning?

Obsession, passion and the yearning for the experience drives most entrepreneurs to spend hours researching, watching videos, reading blogs, and soaking-up knowledge from any source.

6) Are you a good listener?

Many people who own a company are alpha males, (or females) and struggle with taking advice and learning from others. Entrepreneurs are more likely to be opportunists when it comes to soaking-up valuable knowledge from others.

7) Are you willing to change your swing?

Tiger woods changed his swing at a point of being ranked the number golfer in the world.

He was smart enough to know that even though he was on top of his game, he must continue to do anything he could to keep his advantage.

Most entrepreneurs will change their thought process at any time, no matter how successful they are.

You’ve heard the line in the song “the more I know the less I understand.” We can never think we are experts at anything.

8) Are you easily stressed?

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of stress believe it or not.

I’ve told my accounts payable person when sweating the bills during times of tight cash flow “it’s just business.”  All companies will have cash flow issues from time to time.

There is a level of confidence that prevents an entrepreneur from stressing over menial things such as money.

I have said many times “if this don’t work, we’ll shut it down and we’ll start another business tomorrow.”

9) Do you live on the edge?

To an entrepreneur, living on the edge would be defined as “having the edge.”

There is nothing reckless about being an entrepreneur. They are smart, seasoned, and great problem solvers.

An entrepreneur will gladly create an enormous amount of challenges in order to achieve great things.

10) Are you realistic about your strengths and weaknesses?

An entrepreneur will never hesitate to acknowledge a weakness. He or she will seek to identify it. He or she will seek education to improve it or will delegate that weakness to someone else.

What is your root reasons for starting your business?

An entrepreneur doesn’t start a business to leave to their kids, or to create jobs for family and friends.

It’s usually to make a gazillion dollars in order to further the experience and to do great things.

I personally believe that the only reason to start a business is to sell it, make money and start over again.

Well, there you have it. My perspective on the key things that define you as being an entrepreneur.

Thank you for reading my article. I would appreciate any insight or conversation on this topic.

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