A Classic Case of Mistaken Identity

I saw Timmy, one of my good friends from high school at the grocery store recently.

He was on the canned vegetable Isle and was holding a can of green beans looking intently at them like they were about to do something.

He didn’t see me so I snuck up behind him and I goosed him right between the Butt Cheeks.

I had no idea that I would startle him so intently. He immediately jumped a couple of feet high and hollered like a woman.

It scared him so bad that he literally climbed up the shelves knocking canned corn and beans all over the floor.

He finally turned and looked at me with a look that I will never forget.

After getting over that crazy expression, I realized that this man was not Timmy and I had just royally screwed up.

While i was backing up and getting the Hell out of there, I told him that I thought he was somebody else. He looked at me like he was going to tear my body to pieces.

I left the store very quickly and couldn’t get to my car quick enough and got the hell out of there….

SO, if any of you know this man, please tell him that I’m sorry.

I hope that he was able to laugh about it today…. tomorrow… or at least some point in his life!


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