One Man’s Perspective on The Beauty of a Woman!

You might ask “who made you the authority on beauty there Paul”?

My answer, “GOD did” because I’m a Man and the title reads “one man’s perspective”.

Have you ever met a strikingly beautiful woman and upon spending time with her your mind has converted her from a Goddess to Butt-Ugly? She didn’t take her Beauty Pill now did she?

How about just the opposite? How about upon that first inspection, (something that we all do) a woman is just not very attractive and emerges as a Hot Beauty?

The most beautiful girl in school in my opinion was a girl who was short, overweight, straight hair and very ordinary from the average “people watcher’s” perspective.

I also think about another woman who I did a home improvement project for many years ago. She was in her 60’s I would guess. She was one of the most wrinkled women I have ever met. (looked like she needed a good ironing) Her butt was huge, it looked like it was on the wrong body. Her height was every bit of 4’8”. We’re going to call her Tanya.

Tanya thought she was the prettiest, sexiest, fun-loving thang you’ll ever want to meet. Because she thought those things it controlled ALL of her body language. She’d swing those big hips from side to side all girlishly. Her gestures were sweet, funny and honest. After only two encounters with Tonya she was truly a Beautiful Woman. If I had been 30 years older and single, I’d be interested.

I have been keenly observing this phenomenon ever since I met Tonya and have given it much thought. I’ve also discussed this with other women that have mastered beauty as well. I found that these women all accomplished this the same way.

For you physically striking women, I must add that there are many of you that have mastered beauty. The ironic thing is that it’s the same path to being beautiful as anyone else and can sometimes be more difficult for you.

OK, let’s ALL get beautiful. Let me tell you how I think that this is easily achievable!

Let me say that my definition of beauty encompasses looks, sexual attraction, lovability and desirability as a friend and/or a lover.

My Beauty Equation:

Passion for Life + Knowing How Sexy You Are + Anti-Lazy + Honesty + Loving Yourself + Confidence = The most Happy, Sexy, Desirable, and Yes, Beautiful Woman.

You’re probably saying “How can I just start feeling all these things”? The answer is to change one thing. YOUR THOUGHTS!

How much time have you spent thinking about reasons why you are not beautiful? Could you just as easily only think of reasons why you are?

Feeling Sexy is important to the beauty of a Women. QUIT thinking about having a perfect body….(A Secret) physical flaws are sexy to most men….they heighten and showcase other parts of your body. There are things that make you feel Sexy. DO THEM and get out of your comfort zone. If you feel sexy it is very noticeable and the world will know.

Do you have feelings of insecurity about your appearance? Do you question your value to others or your abilities? Could it be possible that you only think of reasons why you are secure with yourself? Can you dwell on loving the way you look? Is it possible to only think about your unique abilities that you have to share with yourself and the world?

You get the point!

I heard a funny song about drinking at the Flora-Bama down on the Gulf Coast and leaving with a woman. The chorus was “I went to bed with a Mermaid but I woke-up with a Manatee” The Alcohol obviously momentarily changed his perspective.

How can we permanently change our perspective, our thoughts and our feelings and do it very easily? The answer to this question is a powerful tool called Auto-Suggestion.

In the past when speaking with business owners about achieving things (anything) I would talk about Auto-Suggestion. I would tell them that if I wanted to grow another arm on my body I could write it down as it is already happening in the present, read it out loud with passion every morning and every night and in no time I would have this weird hunk of meat called an arm flopping around on my back. (Maybe I should have specified where I wanted it located)

Believe me it works every time for anything you want. You just have to be ready to receive it.  “Think and Grow Rich” in chapter 4 explains how to use Auto-Suggestion very well. (follow the link and read about this great tool)

Once you read about this technique, make your list and read it every day. Change your thoughts to positive things that make you feel good.

Most feelings that make us question ourselves are things that society has created about superficial things.

Ok, there you have it, one man’s perspective on how to re-enforce and claim what you already possess…….True Beauty!

By Paul Shuler

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I have to say, I have known this for quite along time. Thank you for sharing with others, although, do you think they can handle the secret? It is so wonderful to have!! I feel very gifted. B.

Mindy Eubanks
January 31, 2014 5:00 pm

You just don’t know how many of us needed to hear that. Thank you!

January 31, 2014 5:12 pm

Great perspective! I’m a fairly attractive woman, but I find that if I allow negative thoughts or the careless actions of others to influence my mind, my confidence is diminished and my “beauty” suffers with it. Insecurity in full force and with no merit at all!! We should all speak life into others and ourselves! Physical beauty attracts the eye but confidence and personality capture the heart. <3


Wow…Very Nice Sarita!

Kelli Casey Rowe
January 31, 2014 11:37 pm

You are a wonderful person! Enjoyed the read. Keep them coming…


Paul, this is all so true….I truly believe that there is power in the words that we speak and the thoughts that we think. It has taken me many years and much heartache to figure this out and actually put it to the test. I have been doing this for the last six months or so and I can tell you that things have started to change in my life and are continuing to improve as I call the unseen into being. After all, God himself spoke the entire universe and everything in it into being as it is. Beauty is in everything and everyone as long as we speak it, think it and believe it to be so. Thank you for sharing so many insightful things and for pushing us to stop for a minute in our busy lives and actually re-evaluate ourselves and how we think and feel about the things that affect us and make us beautiful in our own individual way!


Thank YOU for sharing Caren!


Very nice comments Paul


I’m doing this and I’m starting yesterday!


Thank you Paul, I needed to hear that since I have lost all my weight and gotten a LOT older. lol But I’m going to try this.


I believe you have got it. You definitely have to have a zest for life. I agree 100 % .

Suzanne Koury
February 6, 2014 1:41 am

The Flora-Bama provided MANY insightful life lessons…


I have known since the first time I talked to you, Paul, that you were a very smart and thoughtful man! You have proven to me over the past several years that my insight was correct. Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog and for writing this piece! I really needed to read this today! I know that your BEAUTIFUL wife (inside and out) appreciates your attitude and kindness towards everyone you meet!
(My hubby also loves you…lol) and will appreciate me reading and putting this into practice!


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