Staying Young!

How can we continue to #feel young?

“Man we’re getting old” Do ever here that from your friends or family?

I hear it a lot. My usual response is “I’ll be old when I’m dead” or “You might be but I’m not” or “Dude….. Never admit it”

I don’t really look much (or any) younger for my age but it always makes me feel better about myself when I see someone who I went to school with that looks like somebody put em In a dehydrated state for a year or two.

A friend told me the other day that his wife was upstairs and yelled “honey walk upstairs and make love to me” he said he told her “choose one because I’m too darn old to do both”

Everyday people are trying to talk me into being old, all the while I’m thinking about my next boyish prank or the silliest stuff I can cook up in my head. Is that immature? Maybe…..SO! That’s my daily commitment to feeling young and enjoying life.

I make sure that I still dream. I had certain places that I would hide alone when I was boy and sit and think and dream…I still do!

Yes, it’s all in my mind as it will continue to be. The next time you pick up a ketchup bottle at a restaurant and someone has unscrewed the top and it all pours out onto your plate, think about me!

By Paul Shuler


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